• We went to the South Eastern Hound Club show yesterday and Pip was Best Puppy in Breed, it was a lovely class too.

    Congratulations to Steve and Sue's Poppy who went Best of Breed.

    It was a lovely show, more like a garden party, we all brought food, Sally supplied a gazebo, lots of friends, even some who used to show but now sadly don't, and some new faces to welcome into the breed. We had 18 dogs entered which is a very good entry for an open show over here.

    Sally took lots of pics, so hopefully you will see some of them soon!

  • Congrats to all the winners! Lovely entry for an open show, more than most championship shows without tickets.

    Sounds like a really lovely show, i must try to get to some Hound Shows!!

  • Well done to all the winners - it sounds like a great day.

  • It was a great day and a surprising entry for an Open Show. It would be fantastic if even more people could make it next year as it is one of the few social events these days. The show has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and is well worth the journey. We had plenty of food and we could have fed twice as many!

    Well done Gerry & Pip.


  • Ringside parking too!

  • It's sounds a lovely show just wish it wasn't so far away:(

    Congrats to all:D

  • Congrats to you and Pip and all the winners. That event sounds very much like the show I attended in Auburn, Washington this past August. It had a lovely fair/park-like atmosphere. The show was concentrated on hounds, and there was a full display of wonderful basenjis there, including the recent African imports.

  • Congratulations Pip and Gerry, also to Poppy, Steve and Sue.
    Sounds like you all had a great time.

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