Adopted B Arriving Soon

Hello, Our adopted B from BRAT, Jojo, is arriving tomorrow (Sunday) if all goes as planned. We are excited and have learned much from reading your posts. After Jojo settles in a bit we will post some pics of her. She had her thyroid tested recently by BRAT and she does have hypothyroidism but is on her meds. She is apparently shedding pretty bad right now but Paula, from BRAT, thinks it will improve as the meds build up in her blood stream. I understand that hypothyroidism is not uncommen in Bs? Jojo is our first B and we are looking forward to adding this special breed and girl to our family.

Basenji Mix

This so wonderful! I'm sure you're so excited for tomorrow! I'm so happy for Jojo and your family. Bless you for bringing her into your home and taking care of her. She surely deserves a great home. Best wishes for a memorable union. Looking forward to seeing your pics. 😉

Congrats to your family and Jojo! I look forward to hearing all about her homecoming and seeing pictures!

Congrats, welcome and we can't wait to see her and hear how she's doing. I'm sure she'll thrive in her new home!

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