Old Crufts schedules & catalogues

  • Found this on the KC site and thought some people might find it of interest, I know I have, and am busy reminising about dogs and people from over the years, sadly some no longer with us but still very much remembered:)


  • Jenny what have you done! i was fully intending doing some work tomorrow, now i know i wont be able to do anything but go through all these old catalogues..
    its fantastic, well done to the Kennel Club for posting online such important and historical documents.

    ps i have recently taken posession of a load of old Our Dogs and Dogs World annuals from the 50's and early 60s - lots of Gooses Adverts in them. You might already have them, but if not i could scan and send them to you?

  • hee hee it's great isn't it:D I have spent most of the afternoon and evening going through them. It must have taken the KC a good while to do!!

    Ooooohh that would be great if you could scan them for me. I do have some but there could be some that I don't have:D

  • I tried to download some but it just wouldn't happen. I have several Crufts catalogues (and other champ shows) going back to the late 40s onwards. Most have the Basenji results too. I'm not sure why I keep them but it's history isn't it? I also have annuals (mainly OD) going back to 1942 (although quite a few missing copies) - I find it very interesting to see how most of the breeds have changed and sad too as in my opinion its not for the better.

    The KC list is intriguing and when I've got more time I intend to find why they won't download for me.

  • Thanks Jenny,

    What an interesting walk down memory lane! Now I know I was really there and I did not dream it!


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