• Seems like we're sharing old dog stories recently. So instead of hijacking someone else's thread, I thought I'd start this one. Feel free to post your old dog story.

    This weekend we had a few nice days (read above freezing and sunny), so Zest! and I went out to practice agility. Sunday we come in and Digital the brindlewonderkid, who will turn 15 next week, is standing at the back door DEMANDING his turn. So I take him out and ran a few jumpers courses with him and send him over the teeter. He's such a great dog. (Shhh, don't tell him I've dropped the bars to 8 inches. He thinks things just get easier with age.) The old man can still move out. I just love this dog!

    When we came back inside, DH informed me Diggie had been very upset that I was outside with Z doing agility. Vocal and even peed in the house. I guess from now on, maybe Diggie gets his turn first. Sometimes I take them both out. Diggie usually just stands around next to me waiting for treats while Z does all the work. He thinks that's fair; Zest, not so much.

  • LOL, great story!

  • Wonderful Kim! Thanks

  • Lovely story! I just have a soft spot for elder basenjis. Kipawa's dad Sober is 11 and is still going strong. And he just sired a lovely new litter. When I saw him this past summer, I gave him a huge hug for being responsible for my little man.

  • My boy Nicky will be 14 on the 20th. Yesterday, we went to the last race meet of the year. Nicky loves LGRA because 200 yards is just right for him at his age. Usually, I run him once or twice and then pull him because the younger dogs just leave him in the dust. Yesterday, he got to run with our FTE, Gypsy, who is quite petite. Her and Nicky were the perfect pair though with his experience he was able to pull beat her and manage to tie for the day with our soon to 11 year old girl Rally. This gave my two old veterans 0.75 GRC points. Though Nicky is quite some ways from his GRC it does put Rally only 1.25 points away from hers and Nicky is darned proud of himself getting to finish first in a race and have the bunny to himself while he waited for Gypsy to get there.

  • An agility dog is always an agility dog, no matter how old! And racers too I guess!

    None of mine are athletes but Nicky at 14 always amazes people, if you don't see her grey hairs or cataracts, you think she is much younger. Love the 'oldies but goodies'.

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