• I am looking at Kizzie or Bibi as a potential playmate for Rosie, our little girl we got from Sinbaje. I have left a couple of e-mails with them and have received no response. Does anyone have any specific contact information for them? Thanks

  • Hi Greg,

    I strongly suggest you not get another female. A boy would be perfect for Rosie (neutered of course since you plan to show Rosie).

    No2 vaporizer

  • Kizzie was adopted a couple of months ago, and i believe Bibi was as well.
    A nice mellow boy would probably be your best bet, two girls can be risky!

  • Hi Greg,

    I'm glad you all are enjoying Rosie and want a companion for her. I suggest you wait a few more months, so Rosie is very firmly bonded with each of you and doing well growing and in her lessons. I will suggest a girl is not a good idea because a two bitch household can be very difficult to manage if the girls don't get along. I live with that type of situation, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody! But a nice neutered male should be OK. If you or Lisa have any questions about Rosie, adding another dog, etc., just ask! As Rosie 's co-breeder, I'm here for life for her and you. Email me privately with any questions.

    Katy Scott

  • ^^ wow…member since july 2006 and this is her first post!

  • She's probably a really busy lady. So many breeders put so much time into their breeding programs. Without responsible breeders, where would we be?

  • There are a lot of people on here who "lurk" and don't post much!

    Katy, I'm just curious if you have Rosie's mom or dad (assume mom)?
    I completely understand what you mean about two female dogs living together (I still have problems calling them the "B" word that isn't basenji, lol)…. I had my Lola and my daughter's dog Sophie in the house together for about 2 weeks. Both dogs are as sweet as can be when they are the only female around, but once they were in the same household, well, they both turned into snarky competitive snotty sisters! I certainly learned to read their attitudes and fur coats (hair raising!).... 🙂

    The only way I could "control" them, lol, was to make them run with me, but I had to take the lead from both of them... which meant running quite fast :), and have them running side by side behind me. Good exercise for me, that's for sure! I lost 3 pounds during that time!

    I dearly love both girls, but the minute Sophie went back home, there was a collective sigh of relief in our house.... our Lola is happy with her male rat terrier companion, Joker, and they play wonderfully together.


  • Hi Patty,

    Linda own's both Rosie's sire and dam. However, I am the cobreeder, and I was there for her dam's birth, shepherded her to her reproductive vet appointments, and I own Rosie's aunt and great uncle. I participate con several other basenji lists that were active long before this forum so that usually takes up all my free posting time. :p. I currently have a pack of four, including Rosie's brother Ra. My oldest dog Nut is not a basenji, but was adopted as a rescue and was a lonely 9 month old only dog until she was six months old and Rosie's great uncle Khonsu came home as a nine week old puppy. They got along beautifully, and still do. Three years later, Khonsu's niece and Rosie's aunt Jane camecto live with us. While she was still a puppy, she and Nut got along, but once she matured the household tension started. They have had several blood letting fights, and I'veclearned how to manage the household without running two packs, but it is NOT easy, and I cannot recommend it unless the people involved are completely dedicated to making it work. Where two or more boys can get along, often two bitches are not a good pairing; they can really hold a grudge. Breaking up a dog fight is no fun, and I've got the scars to prove it.

    If Greg and Lisa want a companion for Rosie, I'm all for it when she gets to be 6 months to a year old. Then she will have bonded well with everyone in their family, and will be less likely to bond more with another dog than with the humans. She will be approaching adolescence, and they can do a better job of selecting a suitable lifetime companion for her and their family.

    Katy Scott

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