• Great to meet other "pittsburgh-ers" here! I grew up there, but now live in San Francisco. Curious if anyone has information on IRINA RASKOPINA as a breeder? I'm looking for a basenji pup as well, and she still lists as available (although likely I'm too late for this season as you have noted)

  • @rk66 - Looks like the dam is not DNA tested? The sire has not been either... I don't know and have not heard of this breeder and I am in Northern Califonia? You might want to ask other Basenji breeders in Southern California if they know of this person. You can find So. California breeders at www.basenji.org (Parent Basenji Club of America). Note that breeders that are shown on AKC site pay to be on that site, they do not have to supply any information, just pay the fee. You could also ask for references to people that have purchased puppies from them. The ad she has on the AKC site if you look at it, there are red "X" on the breeder profile as opposed to green check marks...

  • @tanza thanks for the advice!

  • Hi,
    I would definitely do homework to make sure you get a pup who is test and had their parents tested for the different kinds of PRA blindness, Fanconi syndrome, & hips. Etc. I am in the San Fran area and in the past looked into Jasiri Sukari Basenjis in Southern CA. They are very reputable and have healthy tested pups. As for Basenji.org, it is hit or miss. Before I got my current pup I visited a couple different breeders from the site and one was clearly doing it only for the money only as the mother dog was not in good shape and needed better care. I was pressed to write a check immediately and they didn’t bother to ask about my home or if I knew about Basenjis at all. So -definitely do your homework it’s so worth it. Good luck.

  • @adina - Are you sure you are talking about the correct site? I know all of the breeders in California that are listed? Were you referring to maybe the AKC.org site? There are a number of questionable breeders listed there. Note however that both sites people pay to be listed, but for the Basenji Club of America, they must be a member of the parent club. Not so with AKC if you look at some of the listings there is a "breeder profile" that will show "Red X" or "green check mark" that responsible breeders at the very least should be doing.

  • Hi Tanza,

    Yes, I’m sure. I am sure there are a lot of great folks there too. As with anything, it requires due diligence.


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