My week with Lou and b's

We have spent a week up on Whidbey Is, Wa state area, and its been
fun. We have a cabin, rustic, but a bit of a view of the water.
Not to far from a beach where I can walk the dogs.
So, I am washing the dishes the first day there, and suddenly, my feet are wet.:eek:
The plumbing under the sink let go and water was everywhere…thankfully no b's were "hurt" by the dreaded water........
Saved by a couch to get up on...
Anyway, its been fun and the b's are trying to chase the rabbits and deer that are all over this island.

What fun! Are you able to let them run loose on the island? That would be worth living really rustic for awhile. Enjoy!

Sharron, so glad to hear that you, Lou and your b's are having a great little vacation. I've been on Whidbey Island. I just love the big wildnerness there. Such big green trees that smell so full of life.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, my friend.

Sharron, so glad the b's didn't have to be airlifted!!!!!

Love Whidbey Island. Piece of interesting trivia: It is the 2nd longest Island in the US, after Kodiak Island in Alaska.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!

The b's loved the rental..the sun woke me up at 6am, and when I had to leave the dogs, they went upstairs to lay on the bed in the sun..
Much joy was had by all!

Thanks! I am headed to the basenji national in Co tomorrow.
I hope I can get some folks to take photos of Wheat for me.
I love to share her…

Glad you're all enjpying your holiday. I'm looking forward to seeing more (and more) photos of Miss Wheat.

Any Whidbey photos?

Sharron, enjoy your time at the Nationals with Miss Wheat!

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