• We have spent a week up on Whidbey Is, Wa state area, and its been
    fun. We have a cabin, rustic, but a bit of a view of the water.
    Not to far from a beach where I can walk the dogs.
    So, I am washing the dishes the first day there, and suddenly, my feet are wet.:eek:
    The plumbing under the sink let go and water was everywhere…thankfully no b's were "hurt" by the dreaded water........
    Saved by a couch to get up on...
    Anyway, its been fun and the b's are trying to chase the rabbits and deer that are all over this island.

  • What fun! Are you able to let them run loose on the island? That would be worth living really rustic for awhile. Enjoy!

  • Sharron, so glad to hear that you, Lou and your b's are having a great little vacation. I've been on Whidbey Island. I just love the big wildnerness there. Such big green trees that smell so full of life.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, my friend.

  • Sharron, so glad the b's didn't have to be airlifted!!!!!

    Love Whidbey Island. Piece of interesting trivia: It is the 2nd longest Island in the US, after Kodiak Island in Alaska.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!

  • The b's loved the rental..the sun woke me up at 6am, and when I had to leave the dogs, they went upstairs to lay on the bed in the sun..
    Much joy was had by all!

  • I am envious:)

  • Thanks! I am headed to the basenji national in Co tomorrow.
    I hope I can get some folks to take photos of Wheat for me.
    I love to share her…

  • Glad you're all enjpying your holiday. I'm looking forward to seeing more (and more) photos of Miss Wheat.

  • Any Whidbey photos?

  • Sharron, enjoy your time at the Nationals with Miss Wheat!

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