• As many of you may remember, I have a boxer (who thinks she's a basenji) named Zina. She had HOD and at last count had been to the breeders for a 'vacation' and to, at the time we thought, end her life there. She did bounce back and came back to me from her arthritis and various problems. She was still lethargic and showed no interest in life when she came back, although she looked a lot better. I had a blood panel done on her for thyroid a little bit back-about a month ago or three weeks. The vet said her thyroid levels were fine and wanted to try her on cyclosporine. Which she would be on for the rest of her life. I wanted to take her off everything, if I could, and he didn't want her that way. I did ask for the results of the panel and when I got them, I was sad to see, in my estimation, that they were low. I contacted Dr. Dodds and asked what she suggested. She also agreed that they were low and suboptimal. I asked Dr. Dodds what I should put her on. I did end up putting her on a dosage of soloxine and she has done fabulous. This dog did not want to go outside and was depressed. In the few weeks that she has been on the thyroid meds, she has become her old bouncy self that I have not seen since before last spring. She's running through the house again and jumping all over and playing. I will post a video of her this weekend so you can see that she is typical boxer like. I have also been able to start to decrease her Dexamethasone.

    Vets are not always right. Take the time to look at your levels for testing yourself.

  • Houston

    Good news. I agree with you, sometimes Vets need a second set of eyes to notice things. Within normal range does not mean optimal, and optimal may mean difference between lifeless life and living life to its fullest. I am very happy you caught it and have Zina back..

  • Great news happy Zina is getting better but most of all back to her old self. Good job.

    Rita Jean

  • Great news, thanks for the update

  • The vets don't do the same test as Dr Dodds so the results show everything OK. That's great news that you persisted in finding out.

  • Who is Dr. Dodds?
    Is that the vet who does full panel blood work to determine thyroid conditions?

  • Dr. Jean Dodds is a vet and researcher. She is the one to go to regarding Thyroid conditions. She also established Hemopet in, I believe 1986. Dr. Dodds has done a lot of work re different breeds and thyroid levels. Some breeds should be at the high end of normal and some breeds at the low end of normal. Boxers, according to her studies, should be at the higher end of normal in about the 50-75% range. Dr. Dodds is also a researcher and educator and has done studies on Raw food as well, I believe. Can anyone else correct me if I am wrong please?

  • @nobarkus:

    The vets don't do the same test as Dr Dodds so the results show everything OK. That's great news that you persisted in finding out.

    The test that was done is a new one available in Canada. It may have been out a couple of years in the US already. It discounts the levels of Dexamethasone in her system. I test results were sent to Dr. Dodds as well, along with her history and her med info, so that Dr. Dodds had a full background.

    The update as of now 11/03/09 is that she is doing great. She's jumping around (like an idiot boxer of course), running, going outside more often, playing with toys and people again, and she's interested in life. This may sound stupid, but she's smiling again and laughing. Her consumption of water has slowed down (thank heavens) her body functions seem to be working better, her hair is starting to come in a little bit. There are other things coming up-she has spots on her skin now, but at this point-I'm looking at another couple of years with her-I'm not too worried about that as much as her quality of life. If she ends up with something that can't be fixed, then at least she will have quality of life. When quality of life is no longer there, I will send her back to the breeder for the Cornell pod study.

  • Houston

    Arlene, I can't tell you how happy I am to read about Zina's grtta improvement..awesome news this "cold for us in Houston" morning..

  • I will still have to get her a sweater, of course!

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