Life's a beach!

I started this thread about camping with a Basenji for for the first time here:

But you can read all about the experience and tour a bunch of Basenji photos on this trip report here:


Sounds like a great camping trip, photos are gorgeous, what a park!

That's quite the duck that Shaun caught! Spectacular pictures. You must have had a great time.

Looks like a really great place you went to. Very nice pictures too!

I am jealous of all the great dog friendly West Coast parks and beaches. We have miles and miles of beach, but dogs are very rarely permitted anywhere. One of these years, I would love to load the dogs and take a long road trip to the NW, it would be worth it for them to run on those great beaches!

What a fun place to have a Forum get together…take over the campground with a bunch of basenji-people!

Agreed! I used to live in Connecticut and the entire PNW area is so much more dog friendly. There are more and more legal dog parks opening in the Seattle area each year. But there are also many wide open areas (including lots of water front) that you can run with your dogs…

Sherri and Max - Just looked at your website. Shaun has the cutest face! I love his facial expressions.

SeattleMax - I love the photo that you took of you and Shaun up in the gun station. Awesome!

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