• Our 14 year old Suni died in April. We decided no more dogs. It was so hard to send her to doggie haven. Our house felt so empty. Two month later we knew, we had to start looking for another dog. We found Brat on the web and got in contact with Sharon Hurlbut. There were no basenji's available in the North West. We live in WA state. Then Sharon found a basenji in Idaho Falls in a Kennel. She was anxious to get her out of there. We were going on a trip to see grandkids and decided to make a detour to Idaho. We just feel in love with her. The poor thing had been adopted 3 times before in her five years. She has a good home now. We don't know much about her history. So far she gets along with most dogs. We think she misses the other kennel dogs. We have a dog park here and take her there at least 3 times a day. We have to thank Sharon for finding Laika for us.

  • Oh, I am so glad you got her and found this site.
    Do let us know how she is doing..and photos PLEASE!!!!!

  • Houston

    So happy to hear about this little girl and your joy in finding her…Welcome to all of you..

    btw Sharron is a gem..:):)

  • Blush, thank you Petra..BUT your the one with all the b's to rehome..
    YOUR an angel!

  • Sounds like it was a perfect match. There is someone out there for everyone… just have to have your eyes open and be ready! congrats! and God bless.

  • So wonderful that you were able to find another basenji to warm your hearts and home. I am sure you will have many joyful years with her. And DO post some pictures, because we love them!

  • Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about the loss of Suni and pleased that you have Laika.

  • Here is a picture of Laika.

  • Oh, such a pretty girl..how is she working out???

  • She is such a pretty girl - love the crossed feet position -

  • So far she is doing really well. We are taking her to her first Vet visit. Will let you know more later. She has a big scar on her left front leg. I would like to know more about her history. The last person was a man, and he had her for a few years. She seems to be bonding with Jack more.

  • Well, if you want to win her over, you start feeding her, giving her treats and doing all the "fun" things a new b likes.
    You can even hand feed her..it does help the bonding.
    Sorry about her leg…some of these poor b's have sure been banged around.
    Glad you got her and not someone who was thinking b's are like ****ers or labs...

  • We just got back from the Vet with Laika. She is in great health. Her teeth need cleaning, that is all. She has a 3 inch surgery scar on her left front leg.
    Dr. Renee could not find any information in the few papers that came with her. The last male owner had her for 3 years. That is why she bonded with Jack right away.

  • I am glad she is in good health. You will have many years with her. But if I were you, I would do the fanconi cheek swab, just so you know what to expect in the future.

  • This is all such good news - yet another rescue who has aloving home. Thank you to all those involved in rescue - at either end.

  • We have another appointment next month and we will talk to Dr. Renee about the fanconi test.
    Laika has had very little traing. We use a Flexy for walking right now. I would like to get her trained on a short leash later, so we could take her out in public. Is it possible?? Suni would try to attack any dog.

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