• Laika has been with us now for six weeks. She has adjusted really well. Gets lots of loving care and 3-4 walks a day. We have a leash-free dog park here and she is getting along well with the other dogs now. She is friendly with everyone and does not jump up on visitors. We have started her on the Easy Leader leash, which she tolerates. When she sees another dog, she still wants to pull, touch noses and that is it. Our Suni would try to attack any dog she saw. It is a pleasure to walk with Laika. We just love her. The poor thing had to have 8 teeth pulled a few days ago, when she had her teeth cleaned. She did just great and will be back eating her kibbles soon.
    We were going to visit grandkids in October and decided to check out a kennel. As soon a she saw the kennel, she climped up on my husband and wanted back in the car. Like she was saying, don't leave me here. We don't know to much about her hystory. It is too early to leave her after just adjusting to us. My husband and my stepdaughter will fly to Kansas and I will be here with Laika. Which is working out just fine with all. I will post some pictures soon. Marli

  • Welcome Marli, your b was just so lucky you got her from the shelter in Id, when you did.
    Glad its working out.

  • Laika sounds like a lucky girl!
    A suggestion:
    Check at your vet's office and see if any of the vet techs will do house/dog sitting. We've found that our fur-kids are much more comfortable in their own home and with their own routine if we have to be away. Lots less stress for them. The other advantage is that they are usually familiar with the techs and you know that if anything should go wrong you have a direct connection with your vet.

    Yodels to Laika!


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