• A cowboy sings a tragic song about kissing his girl, Fellina goodbye at the back door of a restaurant.

    We are in the town the song was named for.

    This town was recently in the news because it was the recipient of casual damage resulting from a current issue to do with rampant criminal activity based in a different country.

    Name the town, the artist who made the song popular and, for extra credit, the restaurant where the cowboy said goodbye.


  • Could it be El Paso, by marty Robbins - and Rosa's Cantina.

    My parents were big into Country music - i have all sorts of weird lyrics in my head!

  • I thought that would be an easy one…but that song sure does bring back some memories....

  • You got here first Scott - you gave us more clues this time AJs Human, even I got it!!

    Hope the new job is ok for AJ and you!

  • Ackkkk! Now I can't get that song out of my head. I can even see a picture of Marty Robbins' face!

  • @Kipawa:

    Ackkkk! Now I can't get that song out of my head. I can even see a picture of Marty Robbins' face!


    New job seems to be going well. So far, I've gotten everything I've asked for including model and color of the truck. We have a copper colored International Prostar. Yes, the same company known for farm equipment. I'll post pictures when I take them and my 'puter is up. I'm posting from my phone right now. 🙂

  • So, I guess I couldn't have seen you in my recent trip throught the city of flying pigs (for those unaware, there is one). Two hours of stop and go southbound, trying to get to the airport. I was in the backseat and looked at every truck on the off chance there might be an AJ sighting. Obviously, no luck, as you were a few time zones away 🙂 Had I seen AJ, I might have jumped out of the car I was in and jumped into your truck for a couple of miles…just to say 'Hi'...that's how slow going it was. My advise, for north or southbound, take the by-pass...but what do I know? There were plenty of trucks willing to wade through the traffic.

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