• We are currently in a state that was admitted to the Union over 150 years before Congress actually voted on the resolution to include it.

    It contains the only bridge in the world that, when you cross the bridge, you wind up on the same side of the river you started on.

    We are going to:

    A state whose official animal is not native to the state, but rather was a pelt seen frequently traded by trappers.

    Imported, for a professional sports team, five men from another country who competed against the US in the Olympics. They went on to win the trophy for the sport.

    You cannot be more than 90 miles from a large body of water anywhere in this state.

    We are going to the city that was the first in the nation to add flouride to the drinking water.


  • Must be in Michigan with the Great Lakes. Not sure of the city. It's not the same city that hosts the beautiful Devil's Night?. Maybe Grand Rapids.

  • I googled the first city to add fluoride to its drinking water and came up with Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Houston

    I have no clue, but sounds cool with that river and bridge thing..
    Is it cold wehre you are? Sounds like it might be..if the Great Lakes are involved.

  • We were in Ohio when I wrote it. Ohio was admitted to the Union on March 1, 1803, but Congress apparently forgot to vote on the resolution. It was finally rectified on August 7, 1953, which technically makes Ohio the 47th state. However, it is counted as the 17th because it wasn't Ohioans who created the problem. Who says our Federal government isn't efficient?

    Zanesville, OH is the location of the Y Bridge, which starts and ends on the same side of the river.

    But that's where we were.

    The wolverine is the official state animal and nickname of the state. Fur trappers from Canada brought pelts across the state and folks further south assumed (there's that word again) the pelts were trapped in Michigan.

    The Detroit Red Wings assembled the Russian Five, who propelled the Hockey team to the Stanley Cup in 1997. Within a few days of the win, one of the team members was permanently benched in an auto accident, but the remaining four were instrumental in the 1998 and 2002 Stanley Cup wins for the Red Wings.

    We will be in Grand Rapids, MI tomorrow morning.

    Ms. Basenjimamma: The temperature here right now is 51F. 🙂

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