This is not specific to Basenji's but…..

  • I was just watching the news, and today in Macon county Illinois, the authorities found and raided a puppy mill. Now there are over 50 dogs in an Animal Shelter split between Macon and Douglas county. They stated that the owner acted like their was nothing wrong even though there was no food and water and the puppies were crying. They went further to say that there were flies all over, and the smell was unbearable. Most of the dogs were suffering from severe trauma.

    This is just one more story to add to the many of animals suffering at the hands of Irresponsible humans just so they can make the almighty dollar.


  • There is a special place in hell for folks who do this to animals.
    I totally believe that.
    I am sad for the dogs, but at least now the are being helped or put out of their pain.

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