So relieved… Fanconi results prob norm/clr

Being naive and new to the breed I took a risk that I probably fully didn't appreciate when I got Tadgh of not getting a pup from Fanconi test parents. Although his Dad being a sprightly and healthy 11 years old when he sired the litter I thought I should be OK.

So I was very happy to get the Probably normal/clear result this week. 😃

Having been through this process my heart goes out to all those who get an affected result for their beloved Basenji's.

JayCee, so glad for you that you got such good news.

That's wonderful! Congrats with this great result 🙂

It really is wonderful to KNOW isn't it. I hope everyone who has a b gets them tested.
It gives you information you need for the future.

Congrats, great to hear!

Thank you all!

I too can see no credible reason for not testing - if its good news, Yippee! If its bad news at least you are able to manage your dog's health with knowledge and information.

Sadly I think lack of knowledge, and the 'head in the sand' syndrome pose the biggest threats to our dog's health - irrespective of breed.


Congratulations on your results. I totally agree with you re 'head in the sand'
as you say it occurs in many breeds - if only they knew about successful eradications of inherited problems where breeders have taken their responsibilties responsibly.

Congratulations! Even with my girl being from clear parents it was such a relief to get a clear result. It must be devestating to recieve an "affected" 😞 Hopefully if breeders make use of the testing we will see an end to fanconi in a few generations 🙂

im so pleased for you , i know how it feels to have a dog come back probably affected

Great result Jane

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