Fanconi results

We just got Milo's fanconi results today and he is clear!:D I am so relieved. It has been only a couple of weeks but it seems to drag on forever.


Great news for Milo!!

That's great news Theresa:D

Woooohooo Milo, great news 🙂

Thanks Dan & Jenny & Shelley. What a nice feeling it is to know he's clear. We knew he could only be a carrier or clear but it's still a worry until you know for certain.

WOW!!! That was fast. Congratulations!

Milo way to go. GREAT.

Rita Jean

The results came through quicker than i expected, the certificate came through the post today. Nice to see it in paper format.

Congratulations that is brilliant news.

congrats on the great news!!!!

Congrats on the good news!

Great news Theresa - just got back from a weeks holiday (forgot to take my laptop) and am frantically trying to find all the threads i missed while i was away.

Thanks Scott. I hope you had a good holiday. Sometimes it's nice to leave the laptop behind, then you can have a break!



Great is a long wait for sure,, but once you get the good news, it was all worth it..

Congratulations on your great news!

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