Shaun discovers water is really a liquid!

Shaun went "swimming" for the first time.

It was hilarious!

Check here for the details:

Shaun's first swim looked like my second Bs first swim. I took her off leash at 5 months old by a water channel, I let her off leash she just took off towards it not seeing it and SPLASH!:eek: She had this shocking look on her face like "were did that water come from"! as she was paddling her little behind off to get out.:D

That must have been quite the surprise for Shaun!

It sure was!

I just wish I had captured this moment on video…

B's and water…for my 2, they just don't mix.

Funny. Nice site by the way.

Ha ha that is hilarious!

That's a great pic of Shaun in the water. I wish you had captured it on video.
My first Basenji chased a seagull into the sea hving never been to the seaside before. He was certainly shocked to find himself in water once the excitement of chasing the seagull had gone.

First Basenji's

Nice title. 🙂

My shiba discovered "deep" water when we were on a trip in the Taiwanese countryside. He saw the mountain skyline in the distance, quickly pulled out of his collar (didn't have Martingales in Taiwan) and made a flying leap off a low bridge into a rice paddy – he had no idea how deep the water was! Sometimes there's only one way to learn...

Lol I love that picture. Me and my bf tried to get Anubis to swim…no such luck he PANIC swam all the way back and climbed back onto the dock at the lake. I also checked out Shaun's website and loved the videos...they are too cute.

That's a great picture. I'm sure Shaun not only discovered water is wet, but where you live, I'm sure he discovered water is COLD! Nice website you have there.

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