Really? Is that comfortable? HA!

I go to the kitchen to get a glass of water and come back to this….

Lenny on the couch... sort of..... HA

Gossy has been doing that lately - only the other way so she's draped partly over the end table.

LOL…this cracks me up. 😃 Ruby's done that before, but usually hanging down from the back of the couch. Good catch with the camera, as I'm never able to get a pic of it.

Too funny!!! Basenji yoga, perhaps?!?!?:eek:

Looks familiar to me hahaha:D

Hey! He's still in the sunlight!!

Yes, he must have seen me doing the yoga pose "downward facing dog" and wanting to do it himself! lol!

I walked into the room and saw him in the pose and snuck back and got my camera and snapped a few pics before he moved…

Hahaha. It never ceases to amaze me how these dogs manage to get comfortable! :p

Love this pictures…

Basenji yoga - downward facing dog 😃
I'll have to show this to my yoga instructor.

Funny! Nala has done that too!

He is evening up his tan lines!

Too funny!


These pics are priceless!! 😃 too funny!! He just wanted his behind in the sun 😃

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