Really? You want THAT sunspot???!!

  • I'm in the middle of gutting my kitchen - ripping the tiles off the floor. I'm making a HUGE mess around here. I stop to use the bathroom for a moment and come out to this… LOL! Anything for a sunspot!!!


  • Just looks like Lenny did the ripping then had to rest for such a hard work 😃 😃

  • What a great pic. He looks so content to be in the middle of the kitchen carnage. 🙂

  • You made him a very nice "nest"!

  • Thanks! He's so funny - I continued ripping tile and he stayed there for about 15 minutes! Tayda was sitting on the couch the whole time….

  • Too funny! Maybe he's protesting the mayhem while copping some sun. Smart little guy…

  • He just needed a break - ripping tiles is hard work 😃

    My previous beastie would follow the sunspots across the living room floor in the winter.

  • You could use that photo to demonstrate "basenji destruction"!

    Anne in Tampa

  • Hahaha.. that's VERY basenji! 😃

    Great shot! Great B!

  • Great Pics!! My two roam from window to window depending on the time of day and where the sun hits.

    Katie will lay in the debris you have shown in your photos just like Lenny. Tyler will do everything in his power to avoid dirt or unseemly areas. He even whines &/or whimpers when he's cleaning his feet or undercarriage after some perceived dirtiness he has been in contact with. (He'll occasionally sunbathe in, and dig in Katie's sand box, then he comes in and complains while he's cleaning the sand off!!! It's very irritating)

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