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Was she tested for worms or other parasites?

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I got two of my Basenjis from Pat Cembura of You can probably meet up with her at a dog show or visit her home. Check her website to reach out to her. You can let her know that Pat Chew referred you to her.

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neutering helped calm all of my Basenjis down

At 12-14 months my males started to get snarky, neutering then calmed them down and were less snarky. Additionally I find that dogs that are un-neutered are frequently the target for being jumped by other dogs who aren’t neutered.

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The squirt gun didn’t work for me. My dog learned how to squint his eyes before he would do the thing he knew he wasn’t supposed to do.

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Looks like you could use some organ meat. You can deliver a lot of calcium by grinding up your cooked egg shells into a powder and spreading some on your food. A commercial raw brand I like is Stella & Chewy. I like their ingredient list and their dehydrated raw patties are convenient.

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My dog enjoys yak milk bones, split elk antlers that expose the marrow and Lamb ears (much easier to digest than beef rawhide). Bully sticks made my dogs vomit. Nylabones kinda creep me out because I don’t want them ingesting plastic.

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