My Iggy stares at me upside down when he wants attention.

Awwwww how adorable is that šŸ™‚

So adorable! I miss my crazy little clown so much. I am living the basenji experience vicariously through everyone here. Thank you for sharing a photo!

This is too cute! Iā€™m certain this would get my attention.

Love it!
My basenji did the neck bend where she would bend her neck and lay her head upside down to look at me. I wish I had gotten a photo of it.

George does that too with all four legs in the air very cute

That's the spirit! If you cannot get enough of this kind of images, and you are on facebook, check this page out: Almost 9.000 members from all over the world. More than your daily dose of B-cuteness.

0_1522060307559_lazy (3).JPG

At last I've managed to get George's picture on here

I love all their stretching and twisty movements.

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