I think he's trying to tell me something…

Basenjis have the best ways of telling us they need sunlight. 😃

I had a good laugh. He's still over there, but laying down now absorbing the sunlight. He was a bit confused when he wanted to get out of there. :D:D

Good that you have nice wide windowsills!

What a smart B! Ours are sunworshipers also.

Your windowsills are just what every B would love to have - even in the very high 90's, our Shaye wants to lie in the sun on the porch. After a while I have to make her come in, because it bothers me that she is out there - not her.

Such a sun lover - what great photos! Thanks so much for posting them. I particularly love the one peering back at you near the edge of the curtain.

My 2 b's live for the sun…
love this

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