• Not sure if this should go under "Agility" or "Other Sports". Here is a new one…

    We had a warm stretch a month ago and I had the screens out of the windows to clean them. While Bonnie and Smitty were playing, Smitty thought it was pretty fun to jump in and out of the house into our back yard rather than go though the open door. Pretty funny... funny then. Well, the other day I'm sitting in my second floor office and Smitty runs up and BONK slams right into the window! Fortunately it was closed and the screen was in, but now I have a new problem on my hands come warm weather time! I had to put a vase on the window ledge so he knows there's an obstruction there. Anyone else every have this happen? I don't really want to put bars on the windows.

  • No that's a new one for me:D 😃 :D. This is a job for Super Senji!

    I'd get Smitty a little cape.:eek: :eek: That's hilarious.:)

  • I was thinking putting a trampoline below each window might help too!

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