Miles: A Rescue
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Never a dull moment with two now is there? I am under the influence of a 1 year old and 9 week old. I can't get much done unless someone is home to watch my babies. It will get better - in due time . . .

I took the kids over to a coworker's house to have a doggie playdate. Her Golden LOVED the kids. She'd lay on the ground and just let them get her. It was sooooo cute!!

Ha ha, I just read the one with the video attached. It was taking a while so I minimized it and about 10 minutes later I hear this really strange noise and could not figure out what in the world it was (the one speaker I have hooked up was on the floor under the desk. How funny.

So hubby took the kids hiking today at Harpers Ferry… Got some great pics- Had to share with you all! Enjoy! 🙂 Remember...

They look so beautiful! I bet they had a blast!

What beautiful and happy dogs!

What beautiful pictures. They look like they had a great time out there!

You gotta love those Red & Whites, they are so regal looking sitting HIGH on that rock, beautiful scenery, beautiful Bs. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent pics BD! They look so happy and great together, warms my heart!

Great pics, thanks so much for sharing!:)

Those are awesome pics. The b's seem to be enjoying themselves!

what beautiful dogs!!

Basenji Mix

These are great photos! I see the Golden is ready for the B's with a great set of choppers. Love the scenic shots too. Thanks for sharing.

Great story and pics!

absolutley stunnin photos

That is such a beautiful view, I've been to Harpers Ferry and it is even more gorgeous in person!!! Lexi and Miles are definately photogenic. I just love these pictures of them!

What beautiful scenery and pups! How sweet they are together!

The latest pics of the crazies: Gosh, they look so sweet and innocent here! 🙂

What barooteefull babies!
Miles' ears are looking so much better, BDawg! You're doing a fantastic job!

I love the first pic, it looks like a heart!

The second one is great too!

After play, fighting, B-500's, getting into just about everything!!! At the end of the night we are always saying Their so peaceful and sweet!!! and they are. Great photos once again.

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