• Today was one of the very special classes that ends with a trip to the toy box. L'Ox was so very excited to be able to choose a toy today. He came home and tried it out and is very pleased with it.


  • First Basenji's

    Hey, I think we have one of those – in red. We used to stuff old, knotted up socks inside and Bowdu would have the darndest time trying to pull them out. He did get bored with it eventually though...

    Sounds like your pup goes to a "special" puppy school. Choosing a toy from the box at the end of the session reminds me of my childhood dentist... but even my dentist never gave out toys this nice!! laugh

  • we have one of those but the malinois kept flinging it (literally airborn) around the room and I was afraid for the lamps and pictures on the wall, so it's put up somewhere.

  • I will have to look for one of those..Where did you get it?

  • Houston

    How funny, I agree, my dentist had the same concept, do well and a trip to the treasure chest is yours..
    We had one of those balls too, but it kept getting airborn..the good thing is, it isn't very heavy nor hard to throw around..

  • I will have to ask my friend where she got them but I think PetEdge. They are called Holee Rollers.

    The toy box comes to class once every 8-12 weeks and the dogs each get their turn to go to the toy box and pick a toy. It is really fun to watch since some of them really get into digging around for a "favorite". It has all sorts of toys to choose from: stuffies, squeakies, tugs, toss toys, and balls.

    Of all my dogs L'Ox is the only one who really loves toys. He loves balls, stuffies, tugs and will even work for toys not just for food. So he really loved the trip to the toy box yesterday.

  • Great concept - do well in training class and get a toy. L'Ox really looks like he found exactly what he wanted.

  • Well done L'Ox - he must have been a very good boy! Only of mine is mad about toys and still has his first puppy ones (6 years ago!) - the others end up detsroying theirs.

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