• Hi All,

    We are Max and Sherri from Seattle. We have a new member of the family. His name is Shaun. Shaun is a five month old Basenji with red and while coloring. Shaun's parents are owned by two of the better known breeders in the Pacific Northwest.

    We are going through all the new Basenji puppy madness but its (well mostly all) great fun. We have learned to "child proof" our home as best we could. He has destroyed a few rolls of toilet paper, countless napkins and attacked some house plants. He loves tearing the covers off of magazines. We call his sudden crazy energy bursts the "Basenji 500".

    Before Shaun we used to own a wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Catahoula Hound. This time around we decided to "downsize". Shaun might be smaller but the craziness is larger than life of course.

    We love his "baroo" greetings.

    For grins I have started a website just for Shaun. The site is called Basenji Shaun and can be found here: http://basenji-shaun.com/

    I have added one photo of Shaun taken on his "red chair".



  • Welcome to the forum Max, Sherri and Shaun!

    Edit: Love your website!

  • Welcome to the forum - lots of great info here. 😃 Your pup is adorable and your photos are really nice. I love your (or should I say his) website too!

  • Houston

    Welcome to all of you.. Shaun is adorable. Your website is lovely too.

  • Thanks!

    Family and friends kept asking for more photos etc, thus the website seemed like a fun idea.

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome! That's a sharp looking website you've got indeed. And an absolutely cuddleable pup.

  • Welcome to the Basenji-pack-forum.

  • Thanks!

    I added a link to the Basenji Forums at http://basenji-shaun.com/links.html

  • Welcome 🙂 Our dogs are family 🙂 several of our dogs go directly back to your breeders' dogs…I can see a family resemblance for sure with Shaun 🙂 He is adorable! Enjoy...and as my first Basenji's breeder said, as we pulled out of the driveway..don't say we didn't warn you 😉

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Welcome to the forum - I'll be checking out your website when I leave here. He looks very sweet!

  • Hey, welcome. I live in Silverdale and do basenji rescue. Can I ask who your breeder was?
    I know most of the breeders in the area, and we might even have met ringside.

  • Shaun's dad is owned by Katie Campbell (Taji Basenjis) and the mom is owned by MaryK Quinnett (Platinum Besenjis)…

    As it turned out we have mutual friends with Katie. We have met about eight or so of Shaun's older relatives and they all seem like awesome dogs.

    This is our first Basenji...

  • Oh. great! I am friends with both those gals. In fact we were at the dog show in Yakima together this last sat.
    You picked great breeders with good health behind their dogs.
    I hope to see you at the basenji specality in Auburn Wa in Aug.
    2 days of b's…

  • I know Im a little late to jump in and say WELCOME. (Been away for awhile) We have one of Sharron's rescues named Sheba. Anyway my name happens to be Shaun and we live just around the corner in Gig Harbor. So I guess that makes your Shaun officially my second favorite Basenji just because of his cool name! Hope to see you around.

  • Thanks!

    I think we will be more out and about with the local Basenji activities this summer…

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