Riley Ann Love Her!!!

I'm a new member so please excuse any mistakes I'll make. This is Riley Ann about seven months. I LOVE her, had dogs my whole life, she's my favorite.

Oh what a nice collection of pictures! That last one sure shows off one happy family!

Love the pattern on her head!

She is very cute, love the "kiss spot' on her head, my Nicky has one too.

My own name is Riley Anne, she is the only other one I have ever known! I have been called Anne my whole life, though.

She is such a pretty girl.

Welcome, Riley Ann is lovely, i love her blaze pattern as well.

Welcome to both you and Riley Ann. She is as cute as a button!

Riley Anne is a lovely little girl - I know you will get lots of pleasure from her. Welcome to both of you.

We welcome you and Riley Ann to the forum. Very nice pics too!

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