Let's protect our dogs and cats

Many people said that they lost their pets in the past for some reasons.

My friends told me lately about some one lost their dog in the trip. It's bad thing.

I think we shall do our best for the pets and make a pet tag for the pets. In that way, people can call you if someone found your pet.

Today I found some cool pet tags site, this is the coolest and nice one and you may like to see it too: www.petidstags.com

Good luck

Those are really nice looking ID tags. The bones and the paws are my favourites.

Those are some nice looking tags - most of us would never go anywhere without our dogs wearing their name/address/phone tag, along with the microchip tag and the proof of rabies tag - I was thinking about this issue this morning, when on the way back from the dog park I saw a little black and white ****zu or something along those lines, wandering along the street wearing a collar, but no tags. We tried to stop and pick it up, but the dog ran and I couldn't see where it went - whoever owns that dog will be in misery should it get hit, or just keep running - at least if a stranger comes in contact with our dogs, they will know how to reach us.

Hm, a spam post that actually had something valid. I liked the star one.

I really like the Red Dingo tags. I have them for my dogs and they are really nice and long lasting. Each one has their own color and design.


You can't order from their site though. There are online shops that sell them.

I use Boomerang Tags they are a stainless steel tag that doesn't wear off like aluminum or nickel tags. Aluminum tags are the tags you get from pets stores, the ones that are issued for city/county pet licenses, rabies tags. All of those, ever notice how quickly that the engraving wears off? It is because the metal is soft. Stainless still will last much longer, I have used Boomerang tags for years and every time I have had to order new tags (because of moving) they last without wearing down and are still always readable.

I'm not pitching Boomerang tags, Ivoss' link uses stainless steel tags too. Another great thing about the stainless steel tags is that they won't discolor the dogs fur like the aluminum or nickel tags. Or if your dogs has a nickel allergy. I have the "required tags"-rabies & city license in a tag bag on my guys because they wear out from rubbing and then I just have their ID tag out of the bag for quick identification.

Although one pitch towards Boomerang that I like a lot is that you can do double sided on their tags

I agree, about the Stainless Steel tags which is why I like Red Dingo. I would highly recommend any company that does stainless steel over the aluminum which becomes unreadable after a relatively short time.

I agree with Basenji fan, I love our Boomerang tags. Mine are at least 6 years old and still look great. Double sided for more info, they have deep etching and just don't wear out. They have a lifetime guarantee, too. I have a plastic one for me, too, back when I was bike riding a lot, with name, phone number, doc's name and number, etc. Way cheaper than the 'official' human emergency ID tags (I got the red bone shaped plastic for me, stainless steel ones for the dogs)

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