• Gizmo has become obsessed with licking my forehead/head (I am shaved).

    He can go to town endlessly licking.

    Sometimes when I have him on my lap, he will look up intensely at my forehead. If he manages to get a quick lick and I move back, he will do everything in his power to get up, and lick and lick and lick.

    I am guessing it's the taste of my skin.

    Anyone else have an obsessive head licking dog??

  • Funny you should say that, Malaika likes to sniff my eyes and will try to lick them, wondering if it's something to do with the mascara i wear. She sits on my knee and stares intently first.
    Last night she wanted to lick Howards head because he'd been out in the rain.
    They are strange little beasts.

  • Sonny is obsessed with licking my father :eek:…He has never tried it with me or anyone else. But he loves to go to town on my dad! 😉

  • @thunderbird8588:

    Last night she wanted to lick Howards head because he'd been out in the rain.

    I think she might have been drying him off. Anytime I come in from the rain, my 3 dry me off. Also, if they have been out in the rain, when they come in they dry each other off. 😃

  • Houston

    Funny..Otis was obsessed with licking my husbands head too, he is shaved bald as well..he could do it for hours if you'd let him.

  • Heh, I tried to just let him go tired of it…but 12 minutes was all I could take. And his "moaning of joy" while licking made me uncomfortable...lol

  • Buddy will climb on the back of the couch and get behind me to lick my ears. If I'm down low to the ground he'll go for the ears too. I have to get up quick. 😃

  • It's probably the salt on the skin. Either that or your basenjis think you are also basenjis! 🙂

  • With Abbey it's the top of my feet the minute I take off my shoes. Sweaty feet = delicious salt lick!

  • Hunter will lick my husband's face forever, if allowed. He has greasy skin and we all know how much bs like, well, stuff that we wouldn't!

  • Kai will lick my arm constantly, and also my toes 😉

  • Just thinking, in 'human' terms, of the things described here makes me say "ugh". My current guy has no such obsession but my previous fella….it was a feet thing, that and the "OMG - mom's wet, must dry her" everytime I got out of the shower or came in from the rain. Gotta love 'em.:)

  • I do! It seems when Raptor licks my head (balding) I get a little more hair growing in the spot where he licks!

  • You'll have to market Raptor - he could earn a lot of money!!!!!

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