Obsessed with my forhead!

Gizmo has become obsessed with licking my forehead/head (I am shaved).

He can go to town endlessly licking.

Sometimes when I have him on my lap, he will look up intensely at my forehead. If he manages to get a quick lick and I move back, he will do everything in his power to get up, and lick and lick and lick.

I am guessing it's the taste of my skin.

Anyone else have an obsessive head licking dog??

Funny you should say that, Malaika likes to sniff my eyes and will try to lick them, wondering if it's something to do with the mascara i wear. She sits on my knee and stares intently first.
Last night she wanted to lick Howards head because he'd been out in the rain.
They are strange little beasts.

Sonny is obsessed with licking my father :eek:…He has never tried it with me or anyone else. But he loves to go to town on my dad! 😉


Last night she wanted to lick Howards head because he'd been out in the rain.

I think she might have been drying him off. Anytime I come in from the rain, my 3 dry me off. Also, if they have been out in the rain, when they come in they dry each other off. 😃


Funny..Otis was obsessed with licking my husbands head too, he is shaved bald as well..he could do it for hours if you'd let him.

Heh, I tried to just let him go tired of it…but 12 minutes was all I could take. And his "moaning of joy" while licking made me uncomfortable...lol

Buddy will climb on the back of the couch and get behind me to lick my ears. If I'm down low to the ground he'll go for the ears too. I have to get up quick. 😃

It's probably the salt on the skin. Either that or your basenjis think you are also basenjis! 🙂

With Abbey it's the top of my feet the minute I take off my shoes. Sweaty feet = delicious salt lick!

Hunter will lick my husband's face forever, if allowed. He has greasy skin and we all know how much bs like, well, stuff that we wouldn't!

Kai will lick my arm constantly, and also my toes 😉

Just thinking, in 'human' terms, of the things described here makes me say "ugh". My current guy has no such obsession but my previous fella….it was a feet thing, that and the "OMG - mom's wet, must dry her" everytime I got out of the shower or came in from the rain. Gotta love 'em.:)

I do! It seems when Raptor licks my head (balding) I get a little more hair growing in the spot where he licks!

You'll have to market Raptor - he could earn a lot of money!!!!!

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