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hi everyone
we just got a 4 month black/white fem about a month ago,a little back round history first,we also have 2 black labs,we been in search of another dog because or sheba (oldest lab) which we have for 9 yrs (was 8 months old when we got her) is now suffering with nerve/hip problems which is not making much use out of one of her rear legs,we know its only time b4 we need to do the unthinkable, she still gets around good so its ok now,our 2nd lab silky came into the picture about a 11/2 yrs ago (got both dogs from rescue) she was about 21/2 yrs old when we got her,prior to sliky we had a english bull terrier name honey,got her from rescue also cant even begin to tell you her condition when we got her only tell tell you she became one of the biggest loves one could ever have and was shebas sole mate parse but after 6 years she fell to seizures, and had to be put down 11/2 years ago,sheba was lost so we got her sliky which now the 2 you cant separate,again the tables are turning,we figured we get another dog while sheba is still her and the 2 can teach her the ways, and a basenji was just what we were looking for,almost the same temperament as the bull terrier who could ask for more lol ,it amazing how well the all get along,she sure does give silky a good workout đŸ™‚

Welcome! Sounds like you do a good job of making sure your dogs have a canine companion to keep them company, Isis is a lucky girl to be with you.

Welcome to you and the doggy family.

hi mustBcrazy - you really sound like you love dogs and give them a good home. Thanks for sharing your dog history with us, and welcome to the forum!

how nice. my first basenji's companion was a chocolate lab. very good friends those two.


Welcome to the forum, nice to have you all onboard. Sounds like you have a wonderful canine family.

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum! Maybe we will see you out and about!

Kismet and humans!

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