Mission Circuit Anyone?

Hello everyone,

its been quite a while since i was last able to post and be active on this forum, and it comes at a very interesting time!
After moving to CA, i have not shown or competed for quite some time, and I've decided that Zumi is ready to get his butt back in the ring. i have him entered all four days at the Mission Circuit dog show in Pomona, CA. May 28-31st. I was curious as to who else was entered? Who all will I be meeting and competing with? Friday 5 are entered, Saturday 14 are entered, Sunday 17 are entered,and Monday 5 are entered. Lots of dogs! hopefully will be meeting many of you there.

let me know! i look forward to seeing everyone.


Good luck, I am not entered however… and yes you have a good entry for Saturday and Sunday.

Now that we've moved to TX, we won't be there this year… But, Sharla Bruce will be (chime in Sharla, I know you're a member!), as well as most of the other actively showing members of South Coast Basenji Fanciers. Talk to Sharla about joining the club; it's a great club, and I know they're always looking for new members! We do miss it as there is no Basenji club anymore here in the Houston area. You'll probably see Carol Webb, Denise Searcy, Holly Benton, Carol Wyatt-Oberg, Laura Stadtmore and Julie and Kathy Jones, as well as several other Basenji people.
Have fun and good luck!



Char, needless to say I won't be there..no basenji right now, nor do I live close to CA however..
Wanted to wish you and Zumi good luck..take pictures, if you have a chance.

Good luck with Zumi this weekend

thanks everyone for the well wishes. i hope we do well too. am keeping my fingers crossed. Its not a show stack, but here is a recent picture of the little bugger:


its a link, because i can't get it to show up. grr


He looks lovely!!



Very masculine, lovely dog.


Good Luck today!!! Let us know how you did. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I gave you my email at the show. We would love to see you at our next basenji meeting. It is a dog friendly cafe in Temecula. It should be a lot of fun. check out our website for more info. www.basenjifanciers.com


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