Does anyone have the national specialty results?

  • hi, i was just wondering if anyone knew where i could find the results from the national specialty? i figured we would be getting some brags on here…:) i just hope everyone has a safe trip home.

  • The results for Obedience, Rally, and Conformation will be posted on Infodog. I do not know if the results for the other events will be posted on the National's webpage or not.

  • We just got home. I can't tell you who won conformation prizes, because I don't want to mess up all the details, and I don't have my catalog handy…maybe tomorrow 🙂

    But I can brag that our Blondie, Taji-Rennek-Platinum Quercus JC, got her first leg towards her first Rally Obedience title, and she won the American Bred bitch class (okay, so she was the only one entered in her class! but still...) we won an awesome chair as a trophy!

    We had a great time. The site was beautiful, and the hosts did an awesome job. Thanks to everyone involved.

  • My puppy that I co-own with Jeff Gillespie (breeder) and Sue Kite was Best Opp in Sweeps at the Nationals and also 1st in her regular class.. 9-12 AOAC

    Very cool!!!!

  • And she is beautiful Pat! Congrats!

  • Thanks Andrea!!!!

  • I had fun up there but didn't really memorize any of the winner's names. I just remember Rusella winning the big prize 🙂

    I was walking on air after I got Lance from the breeder…so I wasn't paying any attention!

  • I think all the results are online now at Infodog!

    Congrats to all!


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