Kobey at the Nationals

Here is Kobey (Emerant FoPaw TriWizard At Tanza) from the Nationals in Sweeps with Linder Ehlers (also a breeder)

He is really handsome, Pat! Love that front!

He was "very" tired by the time we took that pic….gggg
By the end of Best of Sweeps, I was having to hold his head up in the ring.... Linda really made us all work....

He's sooo handsome :D! Congratulations!


He's sooo handsome :D! Congratulations!

Thanks, we are pretty proud of him… he will not be a year old till December 31st and the Nationals was only his 5th show... so we were very happy.... Here is a picture of his "sister" (by living arrangements) that I bred and place with Ann (Kobey's co-owner with me now)... with a 1st place and her first Q score in Advance Rally at the Nationals. I do the conformation and lure coursing... Ann loves doing OB and Rally.....

By the way, she is DC Tanza's Almazi Madini,SC,RN,CD,FCH aka Crystal and just had her 7th birthday on November 18th

Congratulations Pat and Kobey!!! He a beautiful dog, his "sister" is very pretty also

Nice looking boy Pat. Grats on the placement.

That's fantastic the Kobey did so well in only his 5th show!!! His sister is gorgeous as well and congrats on how well she did in Rally. 😃

Kobey and his "sister" are beautiful!!

Congrats to all…beautiful pups!

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