• I'm a huge advocate for proper exercise for my dogs. I'm a firm believer that the more you exercise them the easier they are at home with your precious items 🙂

    We've been hit with this insane arctic cold front in the Northeast. Really it's down right dangerous to be outside exposed for too long. I'm just wondering what folks around here do in those parts of the country where -10 degrees Farenheit is an every day thing??!! :eek: Zero is bad but below zero & I don't want to leave my house!

    I feel terrible for not taking my dogs out for their usual work outs but I also feel bad watching them tremble their buns off just to go potty out there. Not to mention they make a straight bee line for home as soon they are done doing their business. It's almost like they hate the cold more than the rain :eek: :eek: :eek: We have nice warm fleece coats for them but it's still pretty bad out.

  • I know exactly what you mean jys. I usually take the dogs out for a fairly long run in the afternoon, but today it's just so cold that the afternoon run was brief. They weren't enjoying themselves as much as usual, and I was freezing my buns off. We were all grateful to be back inside the warm house. I'm so glad this frigid cold isn't an everyday thing, or I'd have to install a doggie treadmill and litter train the dogs so everything could be taken care of in the warm indoors! 😉

  • In my neck of the woods (Northern VT) it was -2 at lunch and I think it's now a balmy 5 above! There was a wind chill advisory until noon – anywhere from -22 to -36! Needless to say, Nala went out and peed twice today and came right in to lay by the fire...!! BRRRRRR!

  • I'm having this same problem here in Michigan. Even just being outside for a short potty break is becoming a problem. They will both start limping on 3 legs after a few minutes… swapping which leg they keep off the ground because its so cold. Friday night, Tayda actually started SCREAMING while we were outside - it went on for about 15 seconds... seemed like an eternity while I was running with them back to the house. She didn't stop screaming until after we were inside and she was laying down licking her little paws that were all red from the cold. 😞

    I dont' know what to do either. I let them run around in the house and play with them in here, but its just not the same.

  • Get booties – there's a thread with a lot of input somewhere - I use muttluks, I believe the smalls...they stay on and take some getting used to by the dog, but it stops the paw lifting and screaming. Good luck, let's hope it warms up to tropical -- say 30 or so!

  • It is just as awful cold in Illinois the high today was 5 and abby lays inside in the sun then she thinks she wants out but then as soon as the door opens she changes her mind, she is so funny!

  • Ditto…we are all curled up inside most of the day! Our dogs must have pretty tough feet, because nobody is complaining too much about going outside, but they sure don't want to stay out there too long. It is 0 right now....

  • When it's really cold (and it is), Lexi REALLY LOVES chasing the laser pointer around the house. (Make sure you don't shine it in their eyes!!) But all you have to do is ask her, "Where's the light?" And she goes into hunt mode and it's all eyes to the ground to look where the red dot will show up next! Then it's OFF!! Over the couch, down the hall, up on the bed- BOOM! Right in the pillows!! Back down on the floor, wait, no- on the ceiling! Coming down the wall… I've got you now!!! 🙂

    She'll chase it for a good while too!! Otherwise it's hide and seek!!

  • Temperature here today: -28 c (-18,4 fahrenheit)…

  • OMG!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Do your dogs ever go outside in that weather??!!!

  • when it's just too cold to be out, Tucker and I do lots of training and play inside. I combine fun games with training, to tire him out more. (thinking = great exercise!)

    we play "find it". a little hunting game that works on some skills…

    holding toy, put dog in a sit-stay.
    instruct dog to "touch" toy w/ nose. (if your dog knows "touch")
    have dog maintain the STAY, while you leave the room (out of sight) to hide the toy.
    walk back to dog - still maintaining the stay!
    give the release - OK! go find it!
    watch dog sniff around house and overturn pillows to find the toy.
    when he does find it, let him have it for a few minutes of fun time. then reinforce commands such as DROP IT or GIVE.
    start again. this time, do a down-stay, or a stand-stay, etc...

  • Well, folks, it was 27 degrees here this morning on its way to 52 degrees at lunchtime. Abbey may not even need her sweater when we go out this afternoon. I'm actually thinking of putting my house plants out on the porch for a little sunshine. One thing's for sure, we ain't moving to Finland!!!

  • And I thought "0" was bad! Whew, that's cold!!!! :eek: Dajana that is COLD!!!!

  • @Dajana:

    Temperature here today: -28 c (-18,4 fahrenheit)…

    That is way too cold for any dog, except maybe Siberian Huskeys!!!!!;)

  • They have all kind of clothes to wear: woollen sweaters first, then winter jackets, booties and beanies. Then they are ready for short walk (they won't poop at our own yard). Today has been colder than yeaterday: -32 c (-25,6 F)

    I'll try later to put some pictures about clothing; they look pretty funny!

  • Dajana I would love to see them all bundled up..it sounds like it must be a pretty funny sight!!!

    I had to take mine out yesterday since the temp finally made it up to 17 degrees F…my face was numb & I guess theirs too but they had their nice turtle neck coats with fleece lining 😃 😃 😃

  • Here's Lexi in her first REAL snowfall. She HATED it. She tried it out in her sweatsuit and faux mink coat… Shortly after this photo was taken, she started lifting 2 legs (1 front/1back) and crying that her feet were too cold (she did venture off the sidewalk, but only for a short period of time) !! 🙂

  • LOL That's what Bella does!!! Alternating leg lifts!! We got five inches of snow last night and then freezing rain on top of that. So I take her out this morning and she steps on TOP of the snow - and then CRUNCH! she drops down into the snow… each step she does this... step, crunch, drop... step, crunch, drop. Poor thing just looks at me like "Mom, how do you expect me to go potty in THIS!" Finally she does squat (bum literally touching the frozen snow) and makes yellow snow. I honestly feel sorry for her, I sure wouldn't want to go potty out there!! Brrrrrr!!!:( 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞 😞

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