• I'm back, looking for more advice…

    My 16-week-old puppies are adapting to their crates, but still go through freak-out episodes occasionally, where they bite their crates (wire mesh types).

    I noticed today when I was looking at their permanent teeth that are coming in along the front that some of their baby teeth seem chipped or broken (the longer canines and ones on the bottom). Not badly, but just a little uneven. Could this be from their crate antics? I am tempted to rub some Bitter Apple on the wires so that they will stop biting the crates. I keep thinking of Oakley's mom writing that he chipped several teeth before he made friends with his crate. However, the Bitter Apple seems like it would be upsetting to them on their crates if it is something that they can smell.

    Any input is welcome. I should say that I recorded them today when I left the house for 20 minutes. By 2.5 minutes they were quiet, with only little episodes of whining now and then. They started up again when they heard me opening our front gate. Tomorrow I am going to see what happens when I take one on a walk, leaving the other here (which I end up doing when I have the time for sequential walks, as walking them together is still a nightmare at times).

  • That's a tough one…as I can tell you remember...unfortunately in my case he chipped one of his long adult canines lengthwise and it accumulates plaque so much easier! I have to be extra diligent in brushing but am greatful he didn't lose it completely! As always with everything Oakley- I worry about it often...
    Back on topic: do you notice any pattern to the times when they do freak out? Can you tell it happens more often when they aren't worn out fully? Do you notice one initiates and the other follows? My advice is to watch for patterns, feed in crates, make the crate part of daily training routine and build ways for them to associate crate with calm...all easier said than done (clearly..lol) some may say toys but I could have left bologna in the crate and 7 hours later it would be there... Adult teeth will hopefully be stronger..although I don't have proof of that, and I don't think the bitter apple would deter the behavior because it's not a determination to chew but rather acting out and panicking thus engaging the behavior.
    Good luck

  • Baby teeth can be rough and seemingly ragged…. most likely not from the crate wires, IMO.

  • Would travel style crates-the plastic ones be a better choice?


  • I swear by Kennel Aire crates. The 1 inch squares would make it harder to get his mouth in there to chew on the wires.

  • I tried travel crates as well, once I came home to blood everywhere in the kennel, even the roof, he cut his lip and paw…in the end they ended up taking an hour to clean...I think he got freaked out he couldn't see out on top of the anxiety....just my experience

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