• both our basenjis stay out during the day when we are at work…they have a nice dog house and the weather here is not real harsh....has anybody used a dog house heater or something similiar?

  • I have not, but I'm weary leaving dogs outside at night, because my parents' dogs have gotten out of the gate a few times.

    When I move to AZ, I am going to be looking at the solar powered dog house fans for the dog houses for when Medjai has to be outside for a few hours during the day without me.

  • We're in Atlanta too and our dogs are definitely inside the majority of the time with it being in the 40's and all.
    They are only in the yard for as long as it takes to chase away all the critters and do their business.
    We have still been taking them to the dog park if it's sunny but we usually always bring their fleeces/coats, just in case. Riley never stops moving when he's at the park, which is why I've never seen signs from him that he's cold. Zip starts shivering when it hits 60 degrees and doesn't run around at the park much unless the mood strikes so she's often pretty bundled up.

    Have you considered having them inside and crated?

  • I'm assuming the dog house is in a outdoor kennel – the neighbor has an outside dog (golden retriever) even here in the Minnesota winter and she has the kennel protected from the wind by a tarp and the inside lined with straw bales. You might try that (the bales) - but to be honest I wouldn't leave my basenji outside unattended for such long periods of time.

  • I would worry someone would take them, or throw something in the yard that would make them sick.
    My dogs are inside with access to a doggie door…mostly, they are on the bed when we are at work.

  • Ditto what Sharron said – one time while cleaning the yard in the fall, I found a poison-filled ant trap in the corner (farthest point from any building so it must have been tossed in by the jerky neighbor) and I'll tell you I was just petrified. Luckily EL D hadn't found it.

  • Completely unrelated, but while I have your attention…


    The member "Andrew" and I have been trying since June to plan dog park play dates with Atlanta basenji people. How close are you to Dunwoody? Do you "do" dog parks?

    Would be fun to get together 🙂

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