Hello One And All,

What a great site, found it on a Basenji video on Youtube and we just had to join. We have 4 Basenji's Bessi, Doc, Leela and Elvis and as you all can imagine we love them all to bits.

Welcome to the forum :D?
Who is/are a breeder/s of your Bs?

The eldest is Bessie at 11 years old her breeder is Teschi, Doc is 10 years old his breeder is Gaelifrey, Leela, Elvis and Skye are Bessies puppies and they are 8 years old and their father is Tamsala Dashing Derek all Australian breeders. Skye was sold to a very loving family when she was just a puppy and we still see her occasionally.

Welcome love to see pictures. I have two B's not sure I could handle four but I am sure you have lots of fun.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum Vikkikay,Bessi, Doc, Leela and Elvis.

Welcome to the forum, i hope you enjoy it here.
I look foward to hearing more about your four.

Glad you found us.

Welcome! and we want PICTURES. šŸ˜ƒ

Thanks everyone for your warm welcomesā€¦I'm working on the pics:)tried to put some up but the link didn't work but I'll get there.


Welcome to the forum, Vikki and your lovely pack. Sounds like your house is a party..:) Would love to see pictures..hint, hint..!

Welcome Vikki to you and your Basenjis - glad you found us!

Welcome to all of you! Glad to have you here with us.

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