I work with a gal that was in the Peace Corps in 1996. She purchased a "village dog" for $4 in the Central African Republic, along the Ubangui River.

She named her Sukani. She was red & white and resembled a basenji a tiny bit for her coloring. She barked, wasn't prey driven, and had long fur once she moved to Washington!

She is putting her to sleep today. I have pictures of Sukani in an email but can't seem to copy them right to post them here. She turned 14 in January. I know she probably outlived her littermates by 10 years.

I am thinking of her today…....

Sorry to hear that a special dog friend is going over the bridge. Pass on my condolences to your friend.

Very sorry to hear of Sukani


So sorry to hear of Sukani and your friend. My thoughts are with her today.

Tell your friend that I am very sorry for her loss. It's the most difficult but most kind decision she can ever make. Sukani will be in a better place, remembering with happiness her wonderful life with her human companion and patiently waiting for them to meet again.

Please pass on my condolences to your friend. What a wonderfully long life Sukani had. I'd love to hear the story from village dog/Peace Corp. to Washington.

Sorry to hear about the loss of this special friend…
Our thoughts go out to the people that known her...

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