Bendy head?

One picture I never got of Sayblee was with the bendy neck, head upside down. I just spent 30 mins trying to find one on the web and can't. Does anyone have one? It is hard to explain to a nonbasenji that our dogs can have snakey or bendy-straw necks and rotate like that! (Video would even be better!) Sadly Arwen is not flexible enough. Heck she can't even get her head resting on her back near over her tail like Sayblee could!

So no one has a head roll pic?

Tenji does it all the time so i'm sure at some point i can get a pic or video of it.

Your post made me laugh DebraDownSouth.. DC sleeps like this all the time. I can't see how it's comfortable, but he'll stay that way for quite a while… Crazy dogs! 🙂

They would rather move their head than their body.

Kananga does this all the time. He'll sit down next to me at my desk, facing away from me, but then he'll rotate his head back to look back at me. They are talented in that regard.

My b girl plants her butt down, sits up, flings her arms and head around.
Its a hoot..mostly when she is trying to get our boy to play.
If I can get hubby to video it, I will share, we call it the basenji dance.

I'm just waiting for someone here to call their basenji "Linda Blair" - from The Exorcist. When I was at the Seattle Dog Show last weekend, I got to see a bendy neck. A basenji was being held in his human's arms, but the neck and head were twisted around and resting on top of her shoulder. Utterly sweet.

Yes, that is Sugar. We call her the exorcist. When she is in a crate, she will roll her head all the way around and fling herself backwards. I will try to get a video of it. When we were on the road last year, she taught the male next to her how to do it!

Here are some pics of Malaika sleeping last night

Shelley, that just does not look very comfortable! But obviously it is to Malaika. Your Malaika has a very shiny coat!

Shaye sleeps with her neck stretched and her head turned around almost backward a lot of the time - also she sits on the chairs with her front paws on the armrest, and her head tipped way up on top of them - looks like it would be uncomfortable, but she falls asleep that way too.

OMG those are great pics! LOL… too funny! Thanks for posting!

Here's a cute bendy-head for you. OMG this puppy was too adorable! 😃


Great pictures.
Otis sleeps somewhat like that too, uncomfortable, you'd think, but I guess not.

Those pics of Malaika cracked me up. I have never seen a dog sleep like that before!

Me neither. Medjai sleeps in all sorts of weird positions, but nothing with his head not sitting on something like that.

What wonderful pictures!

I am so sorry I never managed to get Sayblee's picture. She did what Maikaila does, but could actually REST HER HEAD on her back and look at you. Thank you all for sharing! If you find more,let me know!

Is this the pose you were looking for of a Basenji resting her head on her back and looking at you?

Here is the picture again. I accidentally made it too small on the previous post.

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