His head again..

I don't know what those little wrinkles are above the eyes…(basenji eyebrows?) but I've been noticing them alot lately and I LOVE them!!! I guess on a tri the pips sort of distract...I don't see the eyebrows on Rileyboy but I probably forget to look for them..

Tillo's so handsome. Love all the legs in the last one.
How's the new camera?

Not only am I a little jealous of your B's beauty, your photography skills are amazing. Every time I see your name under the "Show Off Your Dog" its the first thing I click on to enjoy the pictures. Please keep up the good work.

You have such a talent getting a wonderful photo.
THANK you for sharing this with us.

Love that diamond on his forhead and I agree you take great pic´s:D

He looks so masculine and proud! Great head shots.


Great pics and beautiful model, this R & W has beautilul wrinkles and the most proud stance.

Thanks everyone.. I'm getting all shy here :o


How's the new camera?

It's a challenge 😉 Haha.. Lots of thinks to remember. My first shots were all white.. BF took pics the night before in our living room.. so he adjusted the settings… And I forgot to put them back the way I wanted them... :rolleyes:

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