Head study of Tilly

heres a picture of Tilly taken by the lovely Mrs Sally Wallis!

I know Tilly isnt a "cute" basenji - she looks (and is) a bit too tough for that - but i think this head study really captures her character.

Lovely photo, I am jealous, BTW why isn't Tilly cute? All b's are cute!

Wow! She's stunning! Those eyes! Beautiful!!!


What a beautiful headshot of a really pretty tri girl..i think she fits the cuteiful (my son's homemade word) category for sure.

Another great picture taken by Sally!

I think Tilly is a cute basenji.

Gorgeous picture and gorgeous girl 🙂


I think Tilly is a cute basenji.

Maybe i just dont think she is cute because i know her personality lol.

nice picture!

Basenji = cute!
She does have a sneaky look in her eye though 🙂

She's gorgeous - but she's a tri and tris are 'special' (AND they know it !)

I do like taking informal pictures of Basenjis but we'll try for a stacked one at the Club shows, weather permitting. Tilly is a super girl - I tried to do her justice.


Great picture!!!

She's beautiful!!

Tilly is beautiful and that is a great picture. I do think the tri's are very beautiful. When were at the dog show Saturday there were two tri's. I told Jaycee to bad they were not little were I could put one in my pocket and we run away.

I do not know the name of the tri boy but he was the champion or soemthing like that.

Rita Jean

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