No Fanconi at Sherwood!

I just got the DNA Fanconi test results of the final two dogs in my breeding program and I am thrilled to announce that, based on these results, Sherwood has never produced Fanconi! Virtually every breeding I have done has been clear x clear too. I am so happy I could pop! :D:D:D

Time for a celebration!

That's great Robyn, but I am still glad that we have a test now so that we don't lose those genes from Carriers and/or Affected (for those who choose to use them).

I too can say that I have never produced Fanconi…..

Great news Robyn, love your celebration pics

Hooray Robyn - at least you have got it beat!!!!

Yay! No fanconi!!! 🙂

Yea, what a good feeling! Love your pics too.

Thanks guys. I'm just so happy that no one who has ever gotten a Basenji from me has to worry about this horrid disease. What a relief!


Robyn, that is wonderful news indeed, something to be proud of..Congrats.

What an accomplishment 🙂

Yay!! Congrats!

Biggest congratulations! That certainly must be a great feeling to have the dogs come up 'clear'.

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