• How does one go about testing a basenji for fanconi? Do vets do this or is this something I do myself by mail. Any information or web links would be appreciated.

  • No, your vet doesn't do it. It is a cheek swab kit that you will need to do. It comes with an instruction sheet about what to do.

    First you register your dog with the Canine Phenome Project:

    You will order the DNA kit from within the registration - there is a link to click on the upper right hand side of the page (New FTA based Fanconi test) and it will bring up a page from the OFA (offa.org) where you will place your order. The kit is $65. Be sure to print a copy of the confirmation as that has a login code that you can check for the receipt of the swab by the OFA and the results (before they are mailed).

    I recently ordered a kit for my new puppy boy and it arrived 3 days after I ordered it. The results come fast these days - I know someone that found out their results 3 days after the swab was received back at the OFA.

  • You can order a test from the OFA website, https://secure.offa.org/cart.html

    Also, please take the time to register your dog with the Canine Phenome Project, http://www.caninephenome.org, and fill out the surveys. It is free and helps give the health committee a view of what is going on with the breed.

  • Great! Thanks for the information. This would be for a rescue dog which I will not know any background information on. I assume that does not matter in the surveys?

  • The important thing with the surveys is that you fill out as much as you know. It is okay if you don't know everything, just leave those things blank.

  • We hope the results are good, and we will cheer if they are, and if they aren't, we will support you.
    Do let us know what you have found please.

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