Best in Show

Maya went to her first show in a couple of months today. She has had a busy show calendar whilst she has been in puppy classes, out most weekends! So the last couple of months have certainly been a very well earned rest for her.

But, she came back in brilliant style getting Best in Show at an All Breeds Open Show today 😃 It wasn't judged on the group system which i hate. So there were about 40+ dogs in the Best in Show judging :eek: Well done to my little Princess for standing out in the middle of all those dogs 😃

Congratulations! Great Win!

Well done!! Congratulations… I hear Crufts calling soon? 🙂

Woo Hoo… congrats

Thanks guys!

Yes, Crufts next month. We dont have any high hopes for that but it will be nice to catch up with the basenji folk again as we're not going to the breed club show just before Crufts.

Congratulations Jess and Maya

😃 Congratulations You Two. x

Great win! Congrats! …Pics...? 😃


Huge congrats..great win..

Congratulations. See you at Crufts.


Wow! Congratulations!!! 😃

What a wonderful and great success!
And me too: Pics? 😉

Congratulations Jess and Maya, thats brilliant news.

congratulations well done Maya

Big congratulations to you both!!


Congratulations Jess and Maya!


Wish you all the luck for Crufts!!!

Woooooow 🆒. Many congrats!!

Here's a video of the class judging. Not great quality, but you get the idea!!

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