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Yes we figured we will wait until he is at least two before we make any decisions on neutering him.

I actually did make contact with a local club and am meeting up with them tomorrow!

Yes I didn’t figure we would have a puppy until (at the soonest) next winter time. I’d like to have an idea of what I am doing in regards to training before I get a puppy.

I personally have never had a basenji puppy, only older dogs. My husband has had basenji puppies before though. He was wanting a puppy this year, but we found this yearling needing a home so we went that route instead.

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I guess I should also add I do currently have a basenji! He is a yearish old, two this spring. He is intact (but we are soon clipping him I think)

We got him from a private owner who imported him. He’s not registered though

Thank you for the advice! I will look into the club in my area. Missouri (St Louis area) btw

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I have always wanted to show dogs. I am very interested in showing, basenjis in particular because I love the breed.

How do I get started? I know I am not getting a puppy this year, but maybe next year or the year after.

Do you think a local breeder would point me in the right direction or would they be closed lipped because competition?

Any advice?

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Hello, I have a 6 year old female basenji. She has been a little aggressive lately. It all stems around when I am correcting other behaviors.

Like last night, she was taking food from the baby and I called her off. Normally I tap her on the behind to get her moving. When I went to tap her behind she spun around and bit me. She has never actually bitten before, she use to be very mouthy but I worked with her on basic "tricks" like sit, down, roll over, ect and she stopped being as mouthy. I am pretty sure it is a dominance issue, but I am not sure how to correct this.

I had her working with a professional at one point, but it didn't do much good for either of us.

Do you have any good suggestions?

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