I'm so cute!

Sitting pretty

hahahaha…. that's hilarious!!

They do that yoga sit.

They always make us smile don't they?

At first I was "What the…?"...took me a few seconds to see what was happening there! Haha!

very cute…

O yes you are SO cute!

Love it, just love it 🙂

AJ - what a dog ! Yes you are cute.

I love the way our B's sit - that is such a funny picture - and the expression on his face - like "what are you looking at?" - priceless.

we call it the ROO sit. they look like kangaroos. silly dogs.

Haha thats awesome, haven't seen Cairo do that one yet.

Because we have hardwood floors, Kipawa's hind legs start to slip when he sits down. He winds up making a wide base with his legs so he doesn't slide out of the sit position. I checked out my pics, and don't have one of that - I will take one and post it.

Yes you are really pretty AJ - or should I say handsome?

Aj certainly is cute - don't you just love it when they sit like that? Mine takes that position on furniture, but on the floor she sits with her back feet turned in and her hips sticking out - looks like she's trying to "air out" her belly!

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