Great pictures..did he get wet?

Haha, the first picture says it all. It's the face Basenjis make when they see water. 😃

He's a handsome brindle B. 🙂

Sony is very handsome. I do like first picture is that water.

Rita Jean

What a lovely face Sonny has, great pics

He loves to run around at the beach but the water freaks him out! He goes right up to the waters edge to get his feet wet then runs for his life when a wave rolls in. Funny to watch becasue he looks surprised every time the next wave comes rolling through..

Sonny Boy looks like he's deep in thought. It's a great picture for a portrait.

He is handsome. Hopefully the thyroid will explain the weight gain. Certainly he would feel lots better somewhat lighter….

I sure hope so Pat. I've done all I can to make him loose weight..He's not over fed…He gets more exercise then most dogs & he still gained weight.

First Basenji's

Big Beautiful Brindle Basenji Boy! Thanks for sharing his sweet face!

How is his attitude. There are a multitude of symptoms for thyroid.

Hi Arlene… Sonny's been experiencing unexplained bouts of aggression for the last 2 months. When I took him to the vet this week I found out his a cholesterol level of 306 and he had gained 2 pounds in 8 weeks (while being on a diet). He is going back on the 15th to have a full thyroid pannel run. My vet however did not feel his sudden behavior change would be due to a thyroid problem. From everything I've read since then I feel that is could definately be a symptom of his thyroid. He's normally a sweet loveable boy.


here are the thyroid symptoms from Dr. Dodds. Hopefully they all came through.

Sorry they came through pretty bad. I'll reconfigure them and redo them-probably tomorrow. There is a second page.

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