Black Mark From The Snake Chain…

  • I have absolutely NO idea where I should put this question, so please move it, if its not appropriate 🙂

    I have been showing Ochre on a snake chain, and I have noticed over our busy Royal season, (most of October…), that the chain seems to be leaving a black mark on her neck, just behind her left ear. It isnt anywhere else on her neck. I just dont have a clue how to remove it, and was hoping someone else has had this and can give me ideas on how to get rid of it. Its hardly noticeable, but, its annoying the living daylights out of me :D:D

  • You need to wash the choker each time you use it… it keeps the chain clean, as well as your dogs neck.
    I just use liquid handsoap. Afterwards, I have used a baking soda paste as well. It just keeps it nice and clean. I would wash it at least every other show.
    Think about it.. if you are not washing the collar... all the dust and grime in the air and on the ground is getting through the air and on the callar.. then on your dogs neck.
    Hope that helps... it works great for me!

  • Thanks Khani's,

    I dont think I have ever washed any choker chain I have owned :eek::eek:. I had never even thought about it at all. What you say does really make sense though and I will get them all out and give them a good soak…

    The mark on her neck, is quite noticeably black, a bit like the snake chain has left some of the metal on her coat. I sometimes get the same thing, (I think), with my silver, and sometimes my gold rings...

    Just so I get it right its your chokers that you use the baking soda paste on, not the dog, isnt it ⭕o

  • We had the same issue from Kairoe's Martingale collar. We used to keep his collar on all the time because his I.D tags were attached to them. We recently switched to a thicker, leather Martingale hound collar, with a nylon choker and the only thing metal are the D rings. There has been a significant change to his neckline which is returning back to that bright white!

    The black marks are caused from the chain rubbing against itself and leaving fine metal dust on the coat - which, believe it or not, will worsen the more you wash the chain itself. Just one of the drawbacks of anything chain related, silver, gold, brass…etc. Washing helps, but switching to a full leather lead might be the best choice?

    The black marks on your B's neck will go away but may be replaced by a thinned out and pinkish looking neckline, caused by all the chaffing from washing. If you can get your hands on a grooming product like Naturally Green "Tropiclean" whitening shampoo, then all the better. Worked wonders for us. Otherwise, DAWN dish soap actually helps get rid of the grime & dirt and is pet friendly - to a point.

    Hope this helps!

  • All above are correct. If you are leaving the chain on, it will leave a mark. Take it on and off as only needed and use a leather or nylon collar otherwise. I don't leave collars on mine at all unless they are not in the house-Like Pat F, I've had some bad experiences with them and prefer not to go there with the collars.

  • To clarify what to do with the collar….
    wash with any handsoap... and scrub it really well.
    You do the baking soda afterwards, also on the chain.

    You are going to have to scrub the neck clean.. I use the brightener shampoo to get all of the black off the neck hair.

    I have some nice thick nylon collars that I keep on my walking leads so I use the snakes ONLY when showing, no other time.

    The clean chain will NOT make the neck worse after it is clean.
    I have been doing this to my choke chains for 25 years and it has never gotten worse.

    You may see dogs with tags that hang on their regular collars and they will have a gray area right below their collar. That is from the tags rubbing along the coat.
    I have switched over to the and use the kinds that go right on the collar. They are great and don't come off the collar, don't rub on the dog, and don't make noise.

    Hope this helps!

  • I have never had a choke chain leave a black mark? And I have never washed them… and have used the same one for years and years... like 15yrs plus for the same chain, different dogs

    Are you sure you are using a stainless steel chain?... the only thing that I can think of is if you are using one that is nickle plated, it will leave a black mark, same as that kind of metal in jewelry that you might wear would leave a black mark

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate the answers, and I now have a couple of things to do, to try to get rid of the mark on her neck :). I will keep you all updated…

    Just to clarify I NEVER have collars of any description, left on any of my dogs. I have heard some horrendous stories about dogs hanging themselves, etc, etc, (as many of us have heard, Im guessing ???), so I wont leave a collar on any of my dogs, ever... This choker is only used on her on show days... I feel I need to keep her on it though, cos she is quite a difficult, (read: headstrong, stubborn, and very much "I will do this MY way", type of attitude :D:D), bitch to show. Having said that Olivia is now showing her, and at the moment they are doing quite well together, so I might show her on a soft leather lead I have...

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