Whatever turns your crank, dude!

  • The most oddball things make them happy…


  • A nice damp bath towel is great for rolling!

  • Houston

    Happy happy joy joy..damp/wet shoot even dry towels, fresh off of our towel warmer, is like Otis-crack..

    Great pictures.

  • oh yeah, Lenny does this daily with my damp towels. It's so funny. I hang my towels on the back of the bathroom door and he will go in there and rub himself all over it so hard that he closes the bathroom door. then he panics cause he can't get out. every day. lol.

    cute pics!

  • @MacPack:

    A nice damp bath towel is great for rolling!

    Back in 2000 I had someone staying at my house and they had just taken a shower and their damp towel was hanging in the bathroom. Ringo, my R/W grabbed it as it smelt like fresh soap dragged it out to the living room in front of them and proceeded to roll around on it until it was all twisted up. :eek: Good thing people have a sense of humor. 😃

  • "Otis-crack" LOLOL!!! 😃 😃 😃

  • If you really want to see b's react..open the scented parts of magazines and put them on the floor…its roll-a-rama at my house when they get these lovely scents.

  • Ms. Sharron…you have to record that and share it! 😃

  • oh, honey, get a Macys flyer, or even a dryer sheet and put it down…the b's go crazy..and they smell really nice when they are done!

  • oh yeah, dryer sheets don't stand a chance in my house!!! they get rubbed down and then torn to shreds!

  • This is actually kind of funny when my dogs do it at home. However, in the last hotel room I stayed in, Zoni proceeded to rub herself against every surface in the room almost immediately after we entered the room…the walls, the bedspread (ew!), the chairs, the floor, the sofa, you name it. I don't even want to think about why she was doing it. Maybe I should bring some dryer sheets with me next time. :p

  • My girls grab the towels out of the basket when I'm taking them out of the dryer, and roll all over them. Yesterday it poured here, so when I came back in from walking Shaye, before I could grab a towel to dry her she made a beeline for a huge velour sitting pillow I have in the living room and decided that was what she was drying off on. And BTW - have you noticed how soft their fur gets if they have been walking (hating every minute of it) in the rain?

  • Great pics of AJ

  • Cracking pictures! 🙂

  • When I get out of the shower, the towel doesn't even get a chance to drop on the floor - Gossy tries grabby it while I still have it in my hands 😃

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    oh, honey, get a Macys flyer, or even a dryer sheet and put it down…the b's go crazy..and they smell really nice when they are done!

    I did…a dryer sheet, that is. The static has been driving us both mad, so I pulled out a dryer sheet to rub down my fuzzy blanket. AJ got so excited about it I rubbed it on him a little and then let him have it. He worked himself into such a frenzy he kicked out with his back legs. His feet planted squarely on the back wall of the truck and he shoved himself right off the bed onto the floor! Then the knothead just kept right on rolling like nothing happened!

    If they are good for nothing else, they are good for comedic value.


  • Gossy doesn't care for the perfume insert samples (my previous males did). I'll have to try the dryer sheets.

  • Houston

    I was mopping the floors the other day, with one of those huge rectangular floor mops and Otis was next to making out with that mop..so funny, he ended up dragging it through our house, trying to pull it into his crate..needless to say that didn't work at all..
    I haven't tried dryer sheets, hmmm, I think I have some that I don't use..(I like rinse aid in washer instead..)

    ..and yes wet towels are very popular..we have towel dryers/warmers and if i hang my towel up before he gets a turn he will pull it off that rack, by now of course the towel is still damp..BUT..also warm..double bonus, you can litterally see his eyes roll in his eye sockets…
    hhmm basenji high..

  • The static electricity has been getting so bad that AJ would cringe every time I went to pet him. Since he had a good roll on that dryer sheet last night he doesn't have any more zaps jumping off his nose.

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