• Here are a few pictures of Ella outside in the snow.

  • Cool! Literally…:D Y'all did get dumped on, didn't you?

  • Houston

    Beautiful Ella, gorgeous scenery. Thank you so much sharing..

  • breathtaking! thanks for sharing, but please KEEP the snow. lol

  • First Basenji's

    She's so pretty, and the scenary is beautiful.

  • Ella you look great playing in the snow.

    Rita Jean

  • Lovely pics, thanks for sharing

  • Great pictures - Ella doesn't seem at all uncomfortable with the snow or cold temps. That last picture is magazine and/or calendar worthy!

  • I love the Colorado uplands. Beautiful up there. Can't wait to go back.

  • Houston

    AJs Human, I totally agree with you. We spent christmas last year in Winter Park and it was awesome. We were suppose to go to Jacksonhole, WY, but the flight got cancelled once we got to Denver..best cancellation ever, we rerouted all of our stuff and minds and stayed in Colorado..
    Next time we will go Wyoming, it sure looks beautiful as well..

  • Just take a very good windbreaker…make that three windbreakers. We truckers call it "Windoming" for a reason.

  • First Basenji's

    I'm applying at the University of Wyoming and the University of Colorado at Boulder for graduate school… which is slightly intimidating because I've never lived where it snows THAT much. If there are just a few snow flurries here, school is cancelled and most of the local businesses close. It's a good thing too, because most of the people that live here can't drive in snow. I'm excited though, Colorado is one of my top choices, so I'm really hoping to get in there.

  • It doesn't snow that much in Wyoming. In fact, it only snows once at the beginning of the season. The rest of the year, the snow blows around from one place to the next. 😃

  • I am glad everybody appreciates our scenery. We are lucky to live here. We live in a ski resort that opens next week. We got 2 feet of snow last week but it has been pretty mild since. Ella loves the snow.

    Here are a couple pics from today. She blends into the foreground of the first one but seems to be contemplating the scenery. The second one is at home in her favorite chair–her throne.

  • Houston

    Oh, the picture in the chair, so pretty with the sun shining in on her..pretty Ella

  • My b's love the snow, but hate the rain, too bad, its mostly wet in the PNW.
    Do you use boots for your b's feet?

  • I have never tried booties. This is only her second winter and last winter we didn't go on many long excursions. She has a coat (not wearing it those pictures-it was actually pretty warm). She only seems to mind the cold if it is below about 20 degrees. With her coat on she is fine as long as we keep moving. If we stop for some reason she starts to shiver.

  • I lived in the northern Rockies for 13 years and miss it a lot so I really enjoyed your pictures. I especially love the one with the mountains in the backdrop.

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